Monday, October 15, 2007

Okay, This is it . . .

The date for my first knee replacement surgery has been set. Nov. 7th Wednesday AFTERNOON.

I understand there is a pool forming as to whether I'll go through with it, this time.

Put your money on the positive. First this one, and then rehab, so I can get the right one completed.

I am ready, AND I am terrified ! ! !

I AM ACTUALLY GOING TO SIGN SOMETHING ASKING THEM TO CUT OUT THE MIDDLE OF MY LEG. Am I the only one who questions my sanity on this ! ! ! !

But, I have rehabed to get ready to do this and I am psyched.

Stayed tuned, I will be chronicling the whole thing.

In a total knee replacement, an incision is made to expose the knee joint (A). The surfaces of the femur are cut with a saw to receive the prosthesis (B). The tibia is cut to create a plateau (C). The prostheses for the femur, tibia, and patella are put in place (D). The incision is closed (E). (
Illustration by GGS Inc.)

It really does say "CUT WITH A SAW." This is not a pretty picture.


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mikentexas said...

Go for it. I've known several folks who have had this done and their quality of life is excellent. IF you stay active and do your physical therapy.